Flora Magdalena Izabela Wiktoria O!szanowski. feminist mother art/is/t.

Born in the 80s in communist Warsaw, Poland. Lived on a dead end street with a morgue across her flat. Taken to Canada as a child to escape from threat. Grew up on rap videos, French films & literature. She was also kinda internet famous in the mid90s with a website outlining, in image & text, the quotidian repertoires of a queer drug-addled teenage model in the suburbs.

Currently pursuing a FQRSC/SSHRC-funded Communication Studies PhD at Concordia University in Montreal like an obsessive lover. She often makes art with lovers.

Finished an MA in Communication & Culture Studies from York University in Toronto. Managed to start a database documentary about women electronic music artists, microfemininewarfare, (although has now gone back into the editing room trying to find another editor... help?)

Took seven years to receive the now oil-stained HBA from University of Toronto.

Make your own history.
My work deals with themes of media production, self-imaging, internet histories, feminist subjectivities, digital traces, trauma, violence, the transmission of affect in desire, the multiplicity of the body in relation to others and space, sexuality, motherhood and love. I believe that marginalizing women's experience through shame and ridicule is a losing strategy that serves to reinforce a parlous neo-liberal, classist, ableist, sexist, racist, heteronormative status quo.
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Women artists who challenge me:
Yuula Benivolski
Mira Calix
Helena Kvarnstrom
Noele Lusano
Sarah Nicole Prickett
Safia Siad
Warsan Shire
Marlaina Read
Francesca Tallone
Stephanie Tisza
Jaclyn Turner
Meichen Waxer

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