All at One Point: the Toronto-Montreal Interactive Soundwalk Map is an acoustic map of
a walk that was carried out by M. Olszanowski and J. Chatzilias simultaneously on 23 Feb 2012.

It takes inspiration from Italo Calvino’s short story “All at One Point” from Cosmicomics, and the Little and Big Dipper’s, including the importance of the alignment of the stars for navigation.

The purpose is to sonically map out the walks that each of us do most often in our respective cities. The route to Atwater Market from my home is one I take a few times a week. Mapping out the route I realized that it looks like the Little Dipper, and realized that the starting point is the North Star (Polaris). In my excitement, I realized that the route J takes most often (from his house to the ravine and back) is also in the shape of the Little Dipper but inverse - the Big Dipper! As such, the North Star in both our star formations connects as our point of departure. This makes sense, because I already knew that our habitual routes had a similar form (hence, choosing this as a focus of the sound/audio walk). Since the North Star is the oldest navigational tool, it is fitting that our first point for the walk is the North Star, since it is our places of residence that are the marker of navigation in our daily lives. Our daily lives center around how to get to a place from our homes and how to return to our homes. The first maps created were also all centered around the North Star, but were also centered around the cartographers location (most likely, where they reside).