In conjunction with the 4th annual conference of the Pan-American Mobilities Network, the MML (Mobile Media Lab) initiated a project to explore the range of interpretations and understandings of mobilities research. The WIM (“What is ‘Mobilities’?”) team interviewed fifty participants during the Differential Mobilities conference.

The interviews are brief, intended to furnish an audiophonic “snapshot” of the field from the perspective of our participants. Our questions are simple. We want to know when our participants first became involved with mobilities research. We want to know what the term ‘mobilities’ suggests to participants coming from diverse fields, but also a range of locations. We are also asking a specific question of each researcher intended to highlight a central theme in their current work, whether they be artist, academic or activist.

Project Director
Kim Sawchuk, Co-director Mobile Media Lab; Differential Mobilities Conference Chair;
Concordia University Research Chair in Mobile Media Studies
Project Coordinator
David Madden, PhD Candidate, Communication Studies, Concordia
Art Direction & Photography
Magdalena Olszanowski, PhD, Communication Studies, Concordia
Web Development and Design
Antonia Hérnandez, PhD, Communication Studies, Concordia